Envejecimiento de vinos en barricas y alternativos de roble

  1. Pilar Rubio Bretón
  2. Matteo Bordiga
  3. Juana Martínez García
  4. Ana Gonzalo Diago
  5. Eva Pilar Pérez Alvarez
  6. Teresa Garde Cerdán

ISSN: 0213-4306

Year of publication: 2017

Issue: 29

Pages: 155-176

Type: Article

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The aging in oak barrels is one of the main parts in red wine quality winemaking process. The composition of wood is greatly influenced by the oak species and also by its geographic origin and manufacturing process. Thus, in this review, it has been summarized different papers in which has been studied the wood composition, the incidence of production process and the effect of its use in wine aging. Due to the high price of oak barrels, in recent years have emerged alternative systems that try to mimic the same process that occurs in the traditional oak barrels.