Department: Agriculture and Food

Area: Food Technology

Research group: Gestión y Control de las Vinificaciones

Research group: Projects, Plasma and Machine Learning


Doctor by the Universidad de La Rioja with the thesis Advances in the knowledge of lactic acid bacteria and management of wine associated microbiota using emerging technologies 2015. Supervised by Dr. Rosa López Martín, Dr. Isabel López Alfaro.

Biologist, Winemaker and PhD in Agricultural and Food Sciences from the University of La Rioja (extraordinary prize and Doctorate with international mention). With 12 years of research experience in the area of knowledge Technological Sciences / Food Technology (UNESCO code 3309) with the specialties of Wines (330929), Food Microbiology (330990), Food Preservation (330913), Biochemistry and microbiology of fermentative processes (330992), Alcoholic Beverages (330901) and Non-alcoholic Beverages (330918). My scientific identifiers are: Author ID:43361073000/ORCID:0000‐0001‐5181‐3173/Researcher ID: Q‐2661‐2018. My research career is supported by more than 46 indexed scientific publications, by 825 citations of 640 articles and by an "h" index of 18 according to Scopus (2021). I have participated in more than 30 R&D&I projects, including competitive and non-competitive, national and regional projects, several of them transfer and I have an international patent (exploitation of an oenological lactic bacterium by the company Lallemand). In 2021 I received the international award for best research in the Enoforum Contest 2021 and in that same year the research group which I belong to was awarded the Research Prize of the Institute of Riojan Studies and the Distinction of the Gold Medal of La Rioja. My teaching career began in 2018 at the University of La Rioja, in the Department of Agriculture and Food within the area of Food Technology. I teach in the Degree of Oenology, in the Degree of Agricultural Engineering and in the Master of Technology, Management and Wine Innovation. I obtained the positive accreditation in the figure of Professor hired Doctor by the Aneca in 2020 and I am currently enjoying a contract as Assistant Professor Doctor.