NERTHUSv2: Base de datos léxica en 3D del inglés antiguo

Duration of the 01 of January of 2009 to 31 of December of 2011


Publications related to the project

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  1. The Assessment of the Productivity of the Old English Weak Verb Suffixes

    Gema Maíz Villalta

  2. Old English lexical primes

    Creation and Use of Historical English Corpora in Spain

  3. La morfología flexiva

    El funcionalismo en la teoría lingüística: la Gramática del Papel y la Referencia: Introducción, avances y aplicaciones

  4. Low productivity indexes

    Revista española de lingüística aplicada

  5. The old English prefix ge-: A panchronic reappraisal

    Australian Journal of Linguistics

  6. Lexical database, derivational map and 3D representation

    Revista española de lingüística aplicada

  7. The old English adjectival suffixes "-cund" and "-isc"

    ES: Revista de filología inglesa

  8. Structural and functional aspects of morphological recursivity: Old English affixal adjectives

    NOWELE. North Western European Language Evolution

  9. Formaciones recursivas en la morfología derivativa del inglés antiguo



  1. Building a lexical database of Old English: issues and landmarks

    Current projects in historicallexicography

  2. OE strong verbs derived from strong verbs

    SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics

  3. Lexical negation in Old English

    North-Western European language evolution. Supplement

  4. Morphological process feeding in the formation of Old English nouns

    SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics