Supervised theses (9) Theses supervised by group members


  1. The Effects of Entry Timing and Entry Mode Decisions on Firm Performance: the Role of Competitive Strategy and Environmental Factors

    Beatriz Pérez-Aradros Muro

    Supervised by Jaime Gomez Villascuerna y Idana Salazar Terreros


  1. Developing strategies for innovation: determinants and effects

    Maria Pilar Bernal Ansón

    Supervised by Pilar Vargas Montoya
  2. Multimarket contact, market entry and performance: an analysis in the global mobile telecommunications industry

    Beatriz Dominguez Bronchal

    Supervised by Jaime Gomez Villascuerna


  1. Métodos de desarrollo, intangibles tecnológicos y resultados empresariales: una aplicación al sector industrial español

    Pilar Vargas Montoya

    Supervised by Rodolfo Salinas Zárate y Luis Ángel Guerras Martín