Department: Ciencias de la Educación

Area: Developmental and Educational Psychology

Research group: Programa Riojano de Investigación en Salud Mental


Doctor by the Universidad de Oviedo with the thesis Evaluación de la personalidad esquizotípica 2009. Supervised by Dr. José Muñiz Fernández, Dr. Serafín Lemos Giráldez.

Eduardo Fonseca-Pedrero is Associate Professor of Psychology and Vice chancellor of Research and Internalization at University of La Rioja. He is the PI of PRISMA (Programa Riojano de Investigación en Salud Mental) research team. Professor Fonseca-Pedrero has published more than 180 research papers (n=140 with impact factor JCR) as well as 6 books (e.g., Pirámide, Síntesis), and more than 30 book chapters (e.g., Springer, Oxford). He has participated in 20 grant projects. He has received different Awards at both national and international levels, such as the XIV TEA editions Award, the Psychological Evaluation Award Nicolás Seisdedos, the Young Researcher Award in the III European Congress of Methodology, and the best young researcher at University of La Rioja. He has performed international stays in the prestigious universities of Geneva, UMASS, and Wisconsin-Madison for more than 12 months. He is an associate of academic editor of JCR Q1 and Q2 Journals (Psicothema, Adicciones, Plos one, Frontiers Psychology) and scopus (Papeles del Psicólogo) and guest editor. He is also member of the editorial and editorial committee of different JCR journals and ad hoc reviewer for more than 40 prestigious scientific journals (e.g., Schizophrenia bulletin, Psychological Medicine, Nature Schizophrenia).