Department: Economía y Empresa

Area: Fundamentals of Economic Analysis


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Doctor by the Universidad Pública de Navarra with the thesis The use of water for power generation in the most arid country in Europe the thermoelectric water footprint in Spain 2019. Supervised by Dr. María del Mar Rubio Varas.

Diego Sesma Martín is Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics and Business at the University of La Rioja. Formed as an economist at the Public University of Navarra and the University of Zaragoza, his research focuses on the water-energy nexus in Spain. He belongs to the group of professionals of the Water Footprint Network. He has been involved in several projects funded by the State Research Agency (Ministry of Science and Innovation, Government of Spain). He has carried out research stays at the University of Lund (Sweden) and the University of Twente (The Netherlands). The findings of his research have been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Ecological Economics, Water Resources and Economics and Water Policy.