Department: Chemistry

Area: Organic Chemistry

Research group: Química Biológica


Doctor by the Universidad de Zaragoza with the thesis Síntesis y reactividad de filodienos quirales derivados del ácido (e)-2-cianocinamico 1992. Supervised by Dr. Carlos Cativiela Marín.

Degree in Chemistry in 1988 (University of Zaragoza, UZ). Degree Thesis in 1989. FPI fellowship to develop the Doctoral Thesis (defended in 1992), in the area of Organic Chemistry of the UZ. Predoctoral stay abroad (Laboratory of Asymmetric Synthesis of ESCIL, Lyon, France). I was hired by the University of La Rioja (UR) in 1992 and in 1997 I obtained the position of Associate Professor of University in the Chemistry Department of the UR. In 2009 I obtained the position of Full Professor at UR. Recognition of 6 periods of five-years of TEACHING, 1 period of KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER AND INNOVATION (1998-2015) and 5 periods of six-years of RESEARCH (1989-2018). In 1992, after my doctorate and the recent position of Dr. A. Avenoza as Asscociate Professor, the embryo of what is now the group of "Biological Chemistry" (QUIBI) of the UR was created. The research group was consolidated a few years later with the incorporation of professors M. M. Zurbano, J. H. Busto and F. Corzana. This group has been classified as a Group of Excellence in the successive evaluations of the UR and has received competitive funding from the different Ministries since its creation. I have participated in 10 research projects of the national plan, in a number of them as PI. I have participated in 32 other competitive research projects, either infrastructure, regional, private, university, or consolidated research group (in 5 as PI) projects. I have also participated as PI in an R&D contract (3 years) of special relevance with an automotive company. I have conducted a total of 17 doctoral theses and more than 25 official research papers (Bachelor's theses, DEAs, Master's dissertations, Final dissertations, etc.). I have published more than 150 scientific articles (>100 in Q1), being in 90 of them the corresponding author (*). My research is focused on the stereoselective synthesis of non-natural amino acids and its incorporation into glycopeptides. As an expert in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), my main interests are the structure of glycopeptides and their use in clinical applications (tumor detection and anticancer vaccines) as well as applications of NMR for microbiological studies related to wine chemistry, edible fats, and antimicrobial drug susceptibility.