Influencia de un entorno virtual de enseñanza aprendizaje en la afectividad hacia las matemáticas de estudiantes de secundaria:Estudio de casos

  1. D. Jorge-Pozo
  2. Clara Jiménez Gestal
  3. Jesús Murillo Ramón
Investigación en Educación Matemática XXI
  1. José María Muñoz Escolano (coord.)
  2. Alberto Arnal-Bailera (coord.)
  3. Pablo Beltrán-Pellicer (coord.)
  4. María Luz Callejo de la Vega (coord.)
  5. José Carrillo (coord.)

Publisher: Sociedad Española de Investigación en Educación Matemática, SEIEM

ISBN: 978-84-16723-42-3

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 325-334

Congress: Investigación en Educación Matemática (21. 2017. Zaragoza)

Type: Conference paper


We present a case study on how the use of a Virtual Learning Environment (EVEA acronym in Spanish) affects in the affectivity towards mathematics of a group of secondary education students. For this research a programming based EVEA has been designed, whose basic structure consists of Scratch, Edmodo, PowToon and specific activities corresponding to the mathematics syllabus of Secondary Education. The methodology is experimental, with a contrast group, a pre-test, a posttest and analysis of the answers obtained with a questionnaire designed ad-oc. We can conclude that there is an increase of affectivity and, consequently, a semi-positive change on the academic results.