Poesía antigua y retórica moderna: el "Ejemplario" clásico en los manuales de retórica del siglo XVI.

  1. María Ángeles Díez Coronado
Dvlces camenae: poética y poesía latinas
  1. Jesús Luque Moreno (coord.)
  2. María Dolores Rincón González (coord.)
  3. Isabel Velázquez (coord.)

Publisher: Sociedad de Estudios Latinos ; Servicio de Publicaciones

ISBN: 978-84-338-5374-5

Year of publication: 2010

Pages: 669-680

Type: Book chapter

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Rhetoric and poetry shared aspects since the origins. Poetry enlarged herself through the adaptation of parts of the rhetoric, and rhetoric had examples from literary works. This contact is seen in the Spanish rhetoric manuals written in the sixteenth century, where authors cite and paraphrase classical works. In this paper these works are shown and described as they are used by the rhetoric Spanish authors.