Comunicación e Internetanálisis del contenido de las campañas publicitarias en la web

  1. Alberto Reyes de la Orden 1
  2. Cristina Olarte Pascual 1
  1. 1 Universidad de La Rioja

    Universidad de La Rioja

    Logroño, España


Conocimiento, innovación y emprendedores: camino al futuro
  1. Juan Carlos Ayala Calvo (coord.)

Publisher: Universidad de La Rioja

ISBN: 84-690-3573-8

Year of publication: 2007

Pages: 164

Type: Book chapter


The aim of this paper is to analyze the relationship between different communication media. To be precise, Internet and Television. The principal objective is to demonstrate that the capacity of communication of organizations is going to be modified by new technologies contributing to increase the interaction between the firm and the consumer. In this sense: to come to millions individuals in a short period of time and with a message adapted to his desires