Servicios de intermediación en red con consumidores. Contratos de conexión a Internet, "hosting" y búsqueda stars

  1. Roberto Yanguas Gómez
Supervised by:
  1. Sergio Cámara Lapuente Director

Defence university: Universidad de La Rioja

Year of defence: 2011

  1. José María Miquel González Chair
  2. Pedro de Pablo Contreras Secretary
  3. Santiago Cavanillas Múgica Committee member
  4. Miquel Peguera Poch Committee member
  5. Gerald Spindler Committee member
Doctoral thesis with
  1. Mención internacional
  1. Derecho

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 318604 DIALNET


This work represents a study of the most controversial issues related to hosting, search and Internet access agreements from the point of view of consumer protection. To this purpose, the factors that help to define the legal framework in the Private Law area, are examined. At the same time, within the scope of each particular intermediary service, the study is focused on the analysis of their legal nature, the duties arising from them, and the liability regime of the different service providers. To carry out these tasks the importance of the transposition of the 2000/31/EC Directive through the Information Society Services Act (LSSI) is stressed, assessing the connection of the latter with other sectorial legislation. In order to provide new answers, the different solutions that have been developed in the international and comparative context are taken into account. Finally, much attention has been paid to the real terms of the existing contracts in practice, as well as to the regulatory tendencies and legislative proposals in this matter.