Fractología industrial del vidrio templadocaracterización y diagnóstico del estado tensional producido durante un tratamiento térmico de templado industrial en vidrio sodocálcico en función de los parámetros de fabricación y esfuerzos externos de uso, a partir del proceso de fractura

  1. Óscar Domingo Sandín Romano
Supervised by:
  1. Ana González Marcos Director
  2. Fernando Alba Elías Director

Defence university: Universidad de La Rioja

Year of defence: 2015

  1. Joaquín Bienvenido Ordieres Meré Chair
  2. Eliseo Pablo Vergara González Secretary
  3. Javier Alfonso Cendón Committee member
  1. Ingeniería Mecánica

Type: Thesis


Glass is a very influential material nowadays with a great impact in the future. Its production is well controlled as a raw material, nevertheless the subsequent manufacturing processes are very varied and increasingly complex, therefore more precise specifications have been defined and more effective controls are required. One of the most commonly used glasses is tempered glass, which is subject of a heat treatment to create internal tensions; for that reason it is safety glass. An explicit knowledge of the influence of the manufacturing parameters in these tensions ensures an appropriate stress state to the intended use. In addition, an analysis of the mechanics of the tempered glass fracture allows knowing accurately the performance under stress in studies prior to the manufacture, or after it in cases of forensic engineering. This research delves into both fields with the aim of establishing new concepts for determining the quality of tempered glass, through the analysis of the fracture.