Analysing the Success of MBA programmes

  1. Mar Molinero, C.
  2. Portillo Pérez de Viñaspre, Fabiola
Journal of Strategic Management Education

ISSN: 1649-3877

Year of publication: 2010

Volume: 6

Issue: 2

Pages: 25-43

Type: Article

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The success of an academic programme is normally assessed by means of sample surveys, but the analysis of such questionnaires is not straightforward. Surveys often contain qualitative as well as quantitative information. Optimal Scaling techniques are particularly well suited in this particular case, since they can deal with both types of data. Here we use Optimal Scaling together with Categorical Principal Components Analysis in order to assess the success of the MBA at Kent Business School, UK. The advantage of the techniques used is that, by visualising the results, the findings of the analysis become accessible to the non-specialist. The analysis allows us to identify the different needs of students from various national origins and contains lessons for future curriculum development.