La violencia hacia las personas mayores

  1. Joaquín Giró Miranda 1
  1. 1 Universidad de La Rioja

    Universidad de La Rioja

    Logroño, España

    GRID grid.119021.a

Trabajo social hoy

ISSN: 1134-0991

Year of publication: 2014

Issue: 72

Pages: 23-38

Type: Article

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DOI: 10.12960/TSH.2014.0008 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor



  • Social Sciences: C


The violence inflicted against vulnerable older persons is the product of inequality in society as a whole and is based on the continued existence of prejudices about aging, and also on ageism, sexism and the culture of violence that underlies these factors. Prejudices, stereotypes and social values regarding old age, along with the different ways of defining and conceptualizing the abuse of and violence against elders, contribute to the invisibility of the problem, its concealment within the family and indifference on the part of institutions, which perhaps show little concern for the multidimensional phenomenon of violence and abuse against elders because it is considered subsidiary to gender violence.