New challenges for lexical representation within the lexical-constructional model (LCM)

  1. Ricardo Mairal Usón
  2. Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez
Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses

ISSN: 0211-5913

Year of publication: 2008

Issue: 57

Pages: 137-155

Type: Article

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Within the context of the Lexical Constructional Model, this paper focuses on the notion of lexical template and argues for a more enriched and compact version of this system of lexical representation by integrating Pustejovsky’s qualia structures. After providing a sort of a historical context that situates the origins of the notion of lexical template from the pioneering work of Van Valin and Wilkins to the more recent notion of lexical template (cf. Mairal and Cortés; Mairal and Faber, “Lexical”; Ruiz de Mendoza and Mairal, “Challenging,” “Constructing”), the new formalism is discussed within the framework of the following lexical classes: change of state verbs; contact-by-impact verbs; consumption verbs and cognition verbs